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As an animal portrait artist I spend most of my painting time doing commissions, but my favorite subjects when painting for myself are horses. This handsome, if sleepy, fellow is my UK Shetland Pony, Nate! 

Intrigued by the daily painting challenge after reading Carol Marine's book, I gave it a shot in the beginning of 2019 (see my Daily Drawings category), but found that even finishing a sketch a day was not sustainable for me.  When October rolled around I took the Inktober challenge on Instagram, which got me out of a creative slump.  I tend to post my work more often on Instagram than here on my website, as well as in my twice monthly newsletter.  Also, in both of those places you can find more photos of the ponies and horses and dogs that I share my life with here on the farm.

Thanks for taking a look!

Dell Eddins

January, 2020


Commissioned Pieces

I’m happy to create an affordable portrait of your loved one.  Just email or text your photo and we can talk about the size and medium that fits your budget. You can find a few examples in this category of my gallery.


Wild Horses

I stumbled across the work of Kent Keller on Fine Art America and fell for his photographs of wild horses.  He graciously gave me permission to use them as references for my paintings.  My first thought when I look at these horses is, “I am somebody.”  


Spirit Animals

I'm fascinated by our connection to other species.  Sometimes I find an animal will mirror something I see in myself and at other times I will feel challenged by an animal to look at how I might want to be more like them.  And I love synchronicities.  Like finding a road runner caught in the water trough when I went outside for a break from painting a road runner!



She was a very special horse in my life for almost two decades.  Three quarters Percheron, one quarter Standardbred, and all Gracie!


My Ponies

My first Shetlands, Nate and Robin, came to live here in October, 2004.  As a volunteer for Personal Ponies, Ltd. for a number of years, I met many ponies and people who have enriched my life immensely.  My pony herd, along with my dogs and cats and horses, keep me busy and mostly out of trouble!