In many ways my life is shaped and defined by my animal companions. I live on a farm in northwest Arkansas where I care for several horses and ponies, two stray goats, two Great Pyrenees dogs, a fat black cat.  My days revolve around feeding times, filling water troughs, and all the day to day and seasonal chores of life in the country with animals.

For an expanded version of my life, read this article about me in Do South Magazine.



Commissions and Pricing

I work from photographs to create your companion's portrait.  You may e-mail your pictures or send me hard copies.  I have worked from some pretty poor photos that I have taken, so yours do not need to be professional quality, though clear photos help...especially of the eyes.  Some tips for better shots...

* Be sure the light source is behind you or to your side, so features aren't in shadow.

* Early morning or late evening gives the best lighting outdoors.

* Zoom in!

* Get down on their level and have fun shooting. Shooting many images is better that taking just one and often the unexpected shot is better than posed.


Standard portrait sizes...

6 x 6 x 1 inch      150.00                   9 x 12     240.00

8 x 8 x 1 inch      175.00                  11 x 14    325.00

8 x 10                  195.00                  18 x 24    560.00

 Add 35% for each additional animal (or human) in one painting.

Smaller square sizes are painted on cradled wooden panels which look great on a bookshelf or hanging on your wall. No framing required. 


If you have something larger in mind, I can paint on any size and depth of canvas you would like, tailoring your portrait to your needs.  You can see many examples on the Art pages of this website.  Feel free to call or email with questions.  I enjoy working with folks to help them get just the painting they desire!

You may contact me if you are interested in purchasing a painting and want to mail a check for payment, or pay via Paypal on my Cart page.  

And if you would like to receive my newsletter in your email box twice a month, just go to my Contact page and sign up (at the bottom where it asks if you want to be on my email list...and be sure to hit the Subscribe button). Mostly photos of current paintings and shots around the farm with a bit of news about what's happening in my studio and world.


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